Saving money at grocery stores is easy to do once you learn the technique of combining store sales with coupons.  You will want to make a list of the top 10 – 20 items that you purchase on a regular basis and track their pricing schedule.  Stores normally rotate sales every 12 – 13 week.  Once you know the pricing schedule, you will know when the items are at their rock bottom price.  At that time, you’ll want to stock up so that you will have plenty until the price reaches rock bottom again.

I  make the process a littler simpler for you by completing full match ups on Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Kroger Mid-Atlantic.  I also, highlight the best deals for Albertson’s Southern California, Kroger Southeast Region, Lowes Foods, Meijer, Publix and Von’s/Safeway and link to the full match compiled by ClipperGirl contributors.

::Albertson’s SoCal

Albertson’s Weekly Sales Circular (enter your zip code for sales in your area)
Weekly Deals Highlights (Ad runs Wednesday – Tuesday)

::Contact Albertson

Email Contact to Albertson’s Corporate
Albertson’s Customer Service:  1-877-932-7948

::Coupon Policy

Albertson’s Coupon Policy

::Albertson’s Resources

Albertson’s Preferred Savings Card
Newsletter Signup
Albertson’s Gas Rewards


::Food Lion

Food Lion Weekly Sales Circular
Weekly Deals Match up (Ad runs Wednesday – Tuesday)

::Contact Food Lion

Email contact to your  Food Lion Store
Food Lion Customer Service: 1-800-210-9569

::Food Lion Resources

Join Food Lion Customer Panel
Sign up for the Shopper’s Companion
MVP Rewards Card
Food Lion Mobile Promotions
Food Lion Coupon Acceptance Policy


::Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter Weekly Sales Flyer Format
Harris Teeter Weekly Sales Online Format
Weekly Deals Match up (Ad runs Wednesday – Tuesday)

::Contact Harris Teeter

Email contact to Harris Teeter
Harris Teeter Customer Service: 1-800-432-6111

::Coupon Policy

Harris Teeter Coupon Policy

::Harris Teeter Resources

Harris Teeter VIC card
Harris Teeter E-VIC promotions
Harris Teeter Online Shopping



Kroger Weekly Sales Circular
Weekly Deals Match up (AD runs Sunday – Sunday)

::Contact Kroger

Email contact to Kroger
Kroger Customer Service: 1-800-576-4377

::Coupon Policy

Kroger Print At Home Coupon Acceptance Policy

::Kroger Resources

Kroger Plus Card
Sign up for My Kroger
Kroger e-Coupons
Tropicana Juicy Rewards


::Lowes Foods

Lowes Foods Weekly Sales Circular
Weekly Deals Highlights (Ad run Wednesday – Tuesday)

::Contact Lowes Foods

Email contact to Lowes Foods
Lowes Foods Customer Service:1-888-537-8646

::Coupon Policy

Lowes Foods Coupon Policy

::Lowes Foods Resource

Lowes Foods e-Offers
Fresh Rewards Card
Online Shopping

::Lowes Foods FAQS

What is Scan Right Guarantee?
If any item scans for a higher price different than the shelf tag, you receive one of that item FREE excluding beer and wine.

What is 200% Freshness Guarantee?
We are passionate about the quality and freshness of the products we sell. We show respect for the foods we offer by handling them with proper sanitation and safety techniques. All the food we sell is backed by the Lowes Foods 200% Freshness Guarantee: It’s always fresh or we replace the item AND refund your money.



Meijer Weekly Sales Circular
Weekly Deals Highlights (Ad runs Sunday – Saturday)

::Contact Meijer

Email contact to Meijer
Meijer Customer Service: 1-877-E-MEIJER (1-877-363-4537)

::Coupon Policy

Meijer Coupon Policy

::Meijer Resource

Meijer Mealbox Coupons
Meijer E-Panel

Meijer Newsletter
Meijer Text Alert
Meijer MPerks



Publix Weekly Sales Circular
Weekly Deal Highlights (Ad Runs Wednesday – Tuesday)

::Contact Publix

Email contact to Publix
Publix Customer Service: 1-800-242-1227

::Coupon Policy

Publix Coupon Policy

::Publix Resources

Publix Greenwise Market Magazine
At Season’s Peak

::Publix FAQs

Publix checkout promise guarantees that if during checkout, the scanned price of an item (excluding alcohol and tobacco products) exceeds the shelf price or advertised price, we will give the customer one of that item free. The remaining items will be charged at the lower price.



V0ns Weekly Sales Circular
Weekly Deals Highlights (Ad Runs Wednesday – Tuesday)

::Contact Vons

Email contact to Vons
Vons Customer Service: 1-877-723-3929

::Coupon Policy

Vons Coupon Policy

::Vons Resources

Vons Grocery Club Card
Vons Printable Coupons
Vons Email Savings

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