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Is this your first time visiting ClipperGirl’s Saving Spot?  If so, let me give you a quick “tour”.

1.  Beginner’s Resources–If you are new to the couponing world, you’ll want to check out my beginner’s resources.  Couponers have their own language so you will want to check out my section on coupon lingo so that you will be able to understand ClipperGirl’s Saving Spot, Coupon Forums and other websites.  You’ll learn about the different types of coupons and how to use them.  You’ll learn where to find coupons and different strategies to help save money.

2.  Grocery Store Match Ups–To help you save time when planning your shopping, be sure to check out the supermarket coupon match-ups.  ClipperGirl has full coupon match ups for Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods and Kroger Mid Atlantic Stores. I scour each week’s sales circular and complete a match up with all available coupons so that you will know the final price of each item you purchase. I do the work, so you don’t have to.  Because I can’t do coupon match ups for stores all across the nation,  I have also included two features.  FIRST:  Each week on Wednesday, I  feature ClipperGirl’s Grocery Store Round Up which has links to weekly coupon match ups for OVER 70 stores SECOND:  I now have permanent links to over 107 Regional Supermarkets:

A & P –Giant Eagle
Harps –Quality Food Centers
Rainbow – Winn Dixie

3.  Drug Store Match Up–You’ll also find a full coupon match ups with scenarios for CVS and Walgreens and highlights with links to Rite Aid stores.  ClipperGirl shows you how to get toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and more for FREE or nearly FREE.  If you are new to the drug store game, be sure to check out the CVS Tutorial For Newbies and Walgreens Tutorial For Newbies.

4.  Target Coupon Match up–You’ll find a full coupon match up for Target Stores with scenarios.

5.  Printable Grocery List–You can select and print each item that you want to purchase with all the details to make sure you get your rock bottom price.  There is even a section for you to make notes and add other items to your list.

6. Coupon Database–Are you wondering if there is a coupon for a specific item?  Be sure to check out ClipperGirl’s Coupon Database. You’ll find coupons from Sunday newspaper inserts, magazines, printable coupons and coupons that you can download onto your rewards card.

7.  Online Coupon Code Database-Do you shop online?  If so, be sure to checkout the ClipperGirl’s Saving Spot Online Coupon Code Database.  You’ll find FREE shipping codes, % off codes and more brought to you by

8.  Printable Coupons–You can print coupons from many coupon sites directly from ClipperGirl’s Saving Spot.  Links are available in the database or on my right side bar or directly to each coupon site below:

9.  Cellfire Coupons–Kroger and Affiliates, Safeway and Affiliates and Lowes Foods allow you to download coupons to your rewards card to make it even easier to save money.  Every two week’s Cellfire releases new coupons to be downloaded.

10.  Mall & Restaurant Coupons–ClipperGirl doesn’t just save you money at the grocery store and drug store.  I keep you up to date on restaurant coupons and retail store coupons with weekly round ups.  Check out this guideline for the best time to purchase electronics, bedding, fitness equipment and more.

11. Birthday Club Freebies – Sign up at your favorite store or restaurant to receive FREEbies on your birthday!!

12. ClipperGirl’s Shopping Guide:  Amazon Best Sellers -  ClipperGirl now provides you with the top selling items in several categories on the online shopping site,

You’ll find many more valuable resources on ClipperGirl’s Saving Spot.  Each resource is designed to help you save time and money.  I don’t want coupon use to take over your life and overwhelm you.  My goal is to do the work so that you are can save money without taking time away from your family.

I invite you to sign up for my email list or subscribe in a reader in order to keep up with all of the great bargains and deals! I’ll help you save 50-80% on items your family needs and uses!

Have fun looking around ClipperGirl’s Saving Spot!

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Samantha Stringfellow February 21, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Trying find significant savings

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