Walgreens Tutorial For Newbies

::Register Rewards

Playing the Walgreens Register Reward Game can save you hundreds of dollars on items you use everyday.  The first thing to know is that at present you do not have to have a loyalty card in order to take advantage of Register Reward Savings.

Register Rewards are very much like CVS ECBs EXCEPT you can only receive one RR per promotion in a single transaction AND you cannot roll a RR onto the same promotion in a different transaction.  The RR are rewards for purchasing specified items.  They are basically store credits that can be used to lower your out of pocket on future transactions.

Although RR are basically cash, Walgreens treats them like Manufacturer’s coupons.  Walgreens allows (1) Manufacturer’s coupon per item purchased.  Because of this, there may be times that you need to add an inexpensiver filler item to assure that all coupons and RR will be accepted.  I generally purchase a pack of gum, travel size pack of WAGs tissues or eye pencil found at the Cosmetics register.

An example of this is that you purchase (3) Neutrogena products and have (3) Manufacturer’s coupons and an RR to use towards the purchase.  Pick up that $0.39 pack of WAGS tissues and all coupons will go through with no problem.

I mentioned earlier that you cannot roll an RR on like promotions; however, you can roll RR to different promotions.

An example is if there is a Neutrogena promotion and an Olay promotion, I will use the RR generated from the Olay on my next Neutrogena transaction and vice versa.

If your RR does not print, check to make sure that the catalina machine is on (you’ll see a blinking green light), and full of paper (ask the cashier to check on paper or possible malfunction).  If the machine is working properly, check the ad to make sure that you purchased the exact product(s) needed to product the RR.  If all else fails and you feel you should have received the RR you can contact the Catalina company at 1-888-8coupon.  Be sure to have your receipt in hand when you call. You will need to provide your transaction number and review your purchase with them.  If you are; in fact, entitled to an RR one will be mailed to you.

::Walgreens Coupons

Walgreens store coupons can be found in the weekly circular, online, in booklets, from the pharmacy and from a $0.99 children’s coloring book. You can always check ClipperGirl’s Saving Spot to find out what coupons are available.   Learning to use them correctly is your key to maximizing your savings.

First, you should know that Walgreens store coupons do not count in the coupon to item ratio.

Second, when you use a Walgreens Store coupon along with a Manufacturer’s coupon, you should be careful of the order that they are given to the cashier.  Believe it or not, the order can effect your out of pocket.  Always hand over the manufacturer’s coupon BEFORE the Walgreens coupon. The use of your two coupons may result in an overage that can be applied to another item in your transaction.  If you hand over the manufacturer’s coupon second the register will note the overage. . . .the coupon will beep and the coupon amount would have to be adjusted down.  By presenting the manufacturer’s coupon first, the register does not note the overage.

::Miscellaneous Helpful Tips

If you are planning to purchase a large quantity of a particular item because it is an awesome stock up deal, check with your Store Manager to see if he or she will place an order for the product for you.  Walgreens policy is that they will order up to 99 of a particular item.  This, of course, may be at the Store Manager’s discretion.  When ordering a large quantity for yourself , you are observing better couponing etiquette than hitting the store first thing Sunday AM and clearing out the shelves.  This happened in many stores a couple of years ago when the Dove 2 pack of soap was $2 and there were $2 coupons for them AND the purchase generated $2 RR.

Check with your store to see if they allow multiple consecutive transactions.  If so, it is best to head over to the Cosmetics Counter where there is less traffic so that you do not hold up other Walgreens shoppers.  If the store does not allow multiple consecutive transactions, be prepared to take each “shop” out to the car before completing another one.  I generally will use the front register, then Cosmetics Register and then the Photo Center when I have to do each shop individually.

Walgreens does offer Rain Checks for out of stock items.  The Rain Check is good for thirty (30) day.  Unlike, CVS you will not get your RR on a rain check item.

Walgreens policy is that you can use two (2) coupons on a B1G1 promotion.  They; also, allow a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 promotion.  This is a great way to maximize your savings.  There may be cashiers that are unaware of the policy and will not allow it.  You can ask for a Manager or  politely let the cashier know that you will be removing the products from your order.  You can later go to a more informed cashier.

Be on the lookout for those orange and yellow clearance tags.  You can many times combine a manufacturer’s coupon with a clearance item to score items for FREE.  The orange clearance tags are from Corporate so you will find the clearance items at all Walgreens stores  These items will be found in the spot that you would normally find the product.  The yellow clearance tags are specific to that particular store.   Many stores have these clearance items grouped together in one spot in the store.

Learning the Walgreens Drug Store Game can be a little overwhelming.  Start slow and remember that even seasoned Walgreens shoppers make mistakes.

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