Download Zig Zag Zombies Android App For FREE

by ClipperGirl on January 10, 2013

Download Zig Zag Zombies Android App For FREE

Each day, highlights a different app for the Android and offers it up for FREE for 24 hours.

Today’s Android FREEbie is Zig Zag Zombies

ig Zag Zombie is more than Zombies! Use the unique powers of monsters to win! Zomb the Zombie, Frank the Frankenstein monster, Haunt the ghost, Rocko the rocket, Vamp the vampire, and Bomber the bomb!!!

“a physics-based puzzle game that will have you dancing around the lunch table for brains” -App Advice

“The cross between the fun art style and all of the creative puzzles, the game really just draws you in.” -Chris Kokkinos

“a fun game that fits well into the ‘three star puzzler’ genre of mobile gaming” -Inside Mobile Apps

***Why Zig Zag Zombie is UNIQUE***
-Drag your characters in the ring to aim in 360 degrees!
-Press the play button to launch them at the same time!
-Every monster has a unique power, so the level designs will amaze you!

Zomb is a normal high school kid with a problem…he’s a Zombie! But at least he has good friends! And they all have unique powers to help Zomb fight back against the Anti-Monster Squad, a group of grownups who don’t want monsters to have fun!
*Zora, the only human who likes the monsters
*Frank, a Frankenstein monster who likes to break things!
*Haunt, a ghost
*Rocko, a rocket monster
*Vamp, a vampire with fire hair!
*Bomber, a bomb with an explosive personality!
*Hint Ghost, a helpful haunt

–60 Monstrous Levels!
–Three cool worlds: Monster School, Ghost Graveyard, and Evil Lab!
–Regular Updates
–Cute monster characters, all with their own unique powers!
–Creative Levels with crazy obstacles
–SECRET Levels, unlockable by collecting brains!
–Beautiful Backgrounds and Cinema Scenes

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