Download Free Smule Apps for Android, Get $1 in MP3s

by ClipperGirl on December 26, 2012

 Download Free Smule Apps for Android, Get $1 in MP3s

Free Smule Apps

Magic Piano

Product Features

  • Play hundreds of songs from Pop to Classical effortlessly. Just follow the beams of light on the screen!
  • Play freestyle piano on three different keyboards!
  • Share your performances with your friends or the world!


Product Features

  • Turns speech into music
  • Just talk, and Songify will create a pop song from anything you say
  • Choose from your favorite songs, such as “Boyfriend”, “Call Me Maybe” and “Bed Intruder”
  • Save your songs and save them on Facebook, Twitter and more


Product Features

  • Turns speech into rap
  • Share your creations with friends
  • Get votes to reach the Top Rappers spot

How to Qualify for This Offer:

  • Purchase at least one of three qualifying apps (Magic Piano, Songify, and AutoRap) offered in the Amazon Appstore for Android in the webstore or on an Android device.
  • After completing your purchase, you will receive an e-mail indicating that a $1 credit for Amazon MP3 music has been applied to your account automatically. The e-mail will also provide instructions on how to redeem your credit.
  • Promotional offer limited to one promotional credit per customer.
  • Promotional offer is valid from December 26, 2012 through December 29, 2012, and subject to change. You must redeem the credit by January 31, 2013.

If a qualifying purchase is required to receive the code or credit, then the following terms also apply:

  • Amazon MP3 downloads redeemed by this promotional offer will not be reflected on the final order checkout page. Whether you received a code or a credit, you will receive an e-mail from Amazon that indicates the dollar amount of the code or credit for MP3 downloads, and, in the case of a credit, that the dollar amount of the credit has been added to your customer account. The e-mail will also provide instructions on how to redeem the code or credit and download Amazon MP3 products.
  • If you pre-order or order the qualifying product and place it in your Shopping Cart but do not complete your purchase of the qualifying product, or if you return the qualifying product, you will not qualify for the promotional offer.
  • Promotional offer applies only to qualifying products sold by Qualifying products sold by other merchants or third parties, and all other types of items, do not qualify for this promotional offer.
  • You must purchase the qualifying item during the promotion period indicated in the promotional offer details.

Just a quick reminder that the prices on Amazon can increase at any time so be sure to check the price before ordering!

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