Books that have a * beside them are books that are free to Amazon Prime members who have Kindles.

Should you find invalid links or books that are no longer free, please drop me a note with the title and the section that the book was found in.  Just use “Kindle Database” in the subject line so that the message will be filtered to correct folder.

The Jakarta Pandemic

Remembering August (Triple C Ranch Saga)

Little Lamb Lost



Outta the Bag (Me, Myself and Why? Prequel) 

Vada Faith

In September 



Sophie’s Secret (Whispers)

Falling Star

The Secret Keeper 

Trouble Brewing 

Breathless: Book One of the Jason and Azazel Trilogy)


Priced to Move (Shop-Til-U-Drop, Book 1) 

The Public Pretender 

Officer Down 

Pacific Avenue 

Soul Mate

Dark That Day, After All (Black Light of Day) 

THE RISK OF CHANCE (The Chance Series) 

Skeleton Lake

The Son of Man 

Crime in the Community

The Scars 

Murder At Zero Hour 

Mug Shot 

Secrets of the Gap 

Remember that the price of Kindle books can change quickly so be sure to check the price before downloading.

The Kindle is currently at a record low of $79, which is a great price considering all of the free books that you can download.  However, if the price is still too steep for you, you can still take advantage of the free books by downloading the Kindle app to many devices such as your PC, iPhone or iTouch, Blackberry iPad and now for the Android.

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